Postcards From Argentina: Siga La Vaca

Note: When I say yesterday, I mean Thursday night. My computer died before I could post this yesterday.


Yesterday might as well have been Thanksgiving. I have never eaten so much food, so much wonderful food, and felt so incredibly full afterwards.

I can't eat dinner without an entourage present. That's just unthinkable.

Our group went to a restaurant in the hip and trendy San Francisco-esque neighborhood of Puerto Madero yesterday. Siga La Vaca was an all you can eat Brazilian style meat-specializing restaurant. Kind of like a churrascaria. At least ten different types of meat were being served right off the grill, and on top of it, there was a full salad bar with a lot of great options.

Trendyville, Argentina.

Argentina is said to be the beef capital of the world. Yesterday’s meal gives that argument a lot of credit. The food was fantastic.

We got in and all sat around a long table. Service anywhere is typically very slow, but if you’ve seen me eat you’ll know that that’s just perfect for me. I eyed what was going on coming in. On my left was a salad bar, with a lot more than salad. Prosciutto, risotto, pastas, a whole bunch of stuff. On my right, the grill, with at least three chefs actively monitoring their varieties of meat.

This place was both all you can eat and all you can drink. So we placed our drink orders, everyone decided some wine sounded nice, except for a couple of girls who opted for beer. Sounds perfect! Except we were unaware that we weren’t ordering glasses of wine, but entire bottles. And we also wound up with three pitchers of beer on our table. Well, that was quite the start. The waiter also uncorked every one of them. At least that wouldn’t be on an empty stomach.

The surprise of the evening.

After that fiasco, we stocked up at the salad bar. I filled my plate with a florentine, some homemade chips, an eggplant salad, prosciutto, risotto, and more. There was nothing I didn’t like, and the eggplant salad made quite the impression. But this wasn’t a time for just salad bar stuff… next came the meat. In total, I tried a fillet mignon, ribs, a chorizo sausage, a different kind of chorizo sausage, some rib steak, and a few other things I’m probably forgetting. Partway through the meal, french fries appeared on our table, as if to say, you just might not be eating enough.

Dinner! Except this is just the appetizer round.

Bring on the carne!

To top it all off, there was desert. Cheesecake. It was more whipped and mousse-like than the New York style cheesecake I’m used to, but it was still good. I polished that thing off and felt like a champ. A very, very full champ.


Siga La Vaca is an awesome dining establishment, and I would do it all again… with looser pants. To top it all off the total for this whole meal came out to about AR$95, including a tip, which is less than $25 USD.

The classic "stuffed but trying to pander to the camera" photo

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